A Leading Insurance Company For over 128 years

The mark of distinction for Demerara Mutual is the quality of insurance coverage it provides, the solid security and protection that thousands of policyholders have enjoyed since 1891.

Our History & Purpose

Demerara Mutual’s mantra then, as it is now, was “to encourage thrift and prudence by offering affordable but safe Life Insurance on a basis adapted to the special needs of tropical countries”, according to international journal, The Review, in 1918.

“Sound economic management” was the kind of terminology commonly used to describe Demerara Mutual as it grew and expanded its product range to accommodate changing times. Despite the nuts-and-bolts economics that must govern every business, Demerara Mutual continued to be innovative, providing AFFORDABLE insurance and managing the finances of the ‘smaller man”.

The areas of coverage have grown to encompass group and travel insurance, plus financial coverage for the more delicate aspects of life and living. DM continues to venture and expand its operating territory in the financial marketplace in Guyana and the Eastern Caribbean. Recently the company launched its Go Green Initiative with the focus of moving towards a paperless environment while providing policyholders with easier ways to transact business with the company.

We Believe in Quality Customer Service!

At Demerara Mutual, we believe in going the extra mile for our customer. Insurance is just one of the ways we serve our customers. Whether it’s helping someone find the best policy to meet their needs or offering people on-demand roadside assistance, we believe in providing more than insurance.

Demerara Mutual Life Assurance Soc. Ltd. shall conduct its affairs in accordance with the highest ethical standards and the soundest commercial practices;
Treat the affairs of our customers with highest standards of confidentiality;
The policy owners deserves a return on investment commensurate with the risk taken;
Committed to the well-being and continuous development of our staff


We Have Vision

To develop a technological progressive financial and customer focused organization that will be competitive regionally and globally.

We Have Mission

To surpass our customers’ expectations by providing superior service through the integration of people and technology.

We Give the Values

Professionalism. We promote professionalism through exemplary conduct, deportment, positive attitudes and the highest ethical standards.

We are A Brand

When people know and trust your brand, they are more likely to ascribe positive values to you than they are to harbor negative feelings.

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