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Pension Claims

The annual pension purchased with the investment fund will be accumulated based upon the level of contribution during the years.

Claims or Retirement Benefits are paid out when the employee reaches normal retirement age i. e. 60.

Pensions are payable on a monthly basis, beginning at the end of the first calendar month after the employee reaches age 60. The employee is guaranteed pension payments for the duration of his/her life thereafter and his/her beneficiary is guaranteed to receive payments up to ten (10) years after he/she dies or until the beneficiary dies, depending on the type of plan the insured person had.

Medical/Health Insurance Claims

Claims can be made on a reimbursement basis where the insured pays the medical bills in full and claims back eligible medical expenses (under the insurance plan) from Demerara Mutual or on a credit basis where Demerara Mutual pays all the expenses incurred in providing health care for the insured and his/her organisation/association must guarantee repayment of ineligible expenses to Demlife.

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