Make A Claim

Death Claims

When filing a death claim with the Company, the following documents must be submitted:

  1. Copy of Death Certificate
  2. Copy of Death registration
  3. Policy contract must be returned to the company
  4. Letters of Administration if the policy does not have a named beneficiary.
  5. Beneficiary /Administrator must complete our Proof of Death Forms ( Claimant Statement, Identification Statement and Physician Statement).
  6. Copy of deceased birth certificate.
  7. Copy of beneficiary/administrator ID card or passport.

In cases where a person died by accident a police report is required, the Company normally make the request to the police for this report.

For the proof of death forms:

  • The Physician Statement has to be filled by the doctor.
  • The Claimant Statement has to be filled by the beneficiary and notarized.
  • The Identification Statement has to be filled by a friend of the deceased and also be notarized.

Medical/Health Insurance Claims

Claims can be made on a reimbursement basis where the insured pays the medical bills in full and claims back eligible medical expenses (under the insurance plan) from Demerara Mutual or on a credit basis where Demerara Mutual pays all the expenses incurred in providing health care for the insured and his/her organisation/association must guarantee repayment of ineligible expenses to Demlife.

Claims for Fire

Fire Insurance Coverage

Fire Insurance is a type of insurance that covers a private residence or a commercial property. Demerara Mutual Life offers fire insurance (through its wholly owned subsidiary Demerara Fire and General) under the categories of fire and full perils such as natural disasters e.g. hurricanes, tornado etc.

Motor Insurance Claims

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance or motor insurance is insurance purchased for cars, trucks, lorries motorcycles and other vehicles that traverse the road. The main benefit of auto or motor insurance is to provide protection against physical damage to the vehicle as a result of minor traffic collisions to major accidents and to provide protection from liability that could also arise from these incidents. Vehicles are also insured against theft.

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